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Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the most promising water treatment methods, the advantages of which are low energy costs, simple design of plants and ease of their operation.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is used for water demineralisation and desalination. Due to high pressure of raw water input, water molecules pass through semipermeable membrane. The salts, heavy metals, organic compounds and microorganisms dissolved in water are not capable to penetrate through the membrane and are drained as concentrate. Reverse osmosis technology allows removing 80–99.7 % of all dissolved salts, depending on water composition, used type of membranes and equipment layout.

Jurby WaterTech International offers JurbyFlow® reverse osmosis plants of different capacity from small plants for private sector, small-scale  manufacturing (0.05-10 m3/h) to industrial, fully automatic systems (over 1000 m3/h).

JurbyFlow® reverse osmosis plants meet the latest production, environmental and social regulations and norms. They are successfully operated in 43 countries worldwide solving the water treatment problems for various needs:

  • feed water treatment for steam and heating boilers (prevention of condensate line corrosion, increase of efficiency);
  • water treatment for technological processes (production of alcohol/ soft drinks and juices, bottling of drinking/mineral water, manufacturing of industrial goods requiring ultra pure water)
  • potable water treatment for cottages, country houses and offices.


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