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The Production Centre of Jurby WaterTech International, a technologically integrated engineering company,  is the most up-to-date and unique manufacturing of AquaHard® and JurbyFlow® water treatment systems, chemicals, ROShell® composite pressure vessels for membrane technologies and AquaShell® composite pressure tanks for filtration processes.

The in-house production facilities imply the complete cycle of manufacturing of water treatment systems. The professional equipment installed in all areas of the company’s production facilities meets the international standards and is constantly upgraded.

Much attention is given to the up-to-date and efficient methods methods of organization, management and control of works, production processes and storage facilities.
The company pays special attention to testing and inspection of manufactured products.
The company's product quality control system meets the international standard requirements ISO 9001:2000.

The integrated manufacturing process incorporates the following:

  • Manufacturing of AquaHard® water treatment systems
  • Manufacturing of JurbyFlow® water treatment systems
  • Production of JurbySoft® and ROptima® chemicals
  • Manufacturing of AquaShell® composite tanks for filtration processes
  • Manufacturing of ROShell® composite vessels for membrane technologies
  • Manufacturing of Separt® ultrafiltration modules
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