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Advanced ultra- and nanofiltration technologies SEPART®

SEPART® ultrafiltration technology came about as the result of collaboration between Jurby WaterTech International (Great Britain) and IMT (Holland). It incorporates:

  • Membrane modules
  • Engineering solutions (design and manufacturing)
  • Equipment
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service

What is ultrafiltration?

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of low-pressure (3-4 bar) membrane filtration process that is widely used for removal of suspended solids or solutes from process liquids. Suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight are retained, while water and low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane. This separation process is used in industry and research for purifying and concentrating macromolecular (103 - 106 Da) solutions. Ultrafiltration is not fundamentally different from microfiltration or nanofiltration, except in terms of the size of the molecules it retains. In the process of ultrafiltration, all particles of sizes in the range of 0.01 to 0.1 micron are removed from process liquids.

Where ultrafiltration is used?

Ultrafiltration is used in various processes for water treatment and wastewater treatment.


  • Heat power industry
  • Pre-treatment upstream of softening and deep desalination systems.
  • Food industry
  • Ultrafiltration is used for removal of bacteria and viruses, as pre-treatment upstream of reverse osmosis systems.
  • Municipal water supply
  • Ultrafiltration is used for removal of suspended solids, bacteria (Legionella, Cryptosporidium) and viruses.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Final treatment downstream of biological reactors for removal of bacteria and viruses.

Advantages of ultrafiltration:

  • Simple and compact design.
  • Membrane durability.
  • High chemical resistance and temperature tolerance for effective membrane cleaning.
  • High removal efficiency for bacteria and viruses without use of chemical reagents: treated water will be completely disinfected.
  • Low energy costs.

Advantages of SEPART®:

Convincing and competitive advantages of SEPART® modules over similar membrane modules are as follows:

  • large filtration area per module (up to 60m2);
  • high mechanical strength;
  • high resistance to attack by corrosive media;
  • number of design benefits that provide the reliability and long life of membrane module operation

SEPART®, art of separation, is a product of international team’s joint efforts.

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